Playing bingo on the web is vastly different from land-based casinos, here’s why

Bingo has come a long way since its 16th century Italian origins as a number-based game of chance called ‘Lo Giuocco del Lotto D’Italia’. It is one of the games that has made an easy transition from a land-based social gathering to one that can be played from the comfort of your own home or on a mobile device while you are out and about.

How to Play Bingo

If you’ve never played bingo before, it’s very easy to learn. Each player buys pre-printed bingo cards with a selection of numbers. Cards come in different-sized grids, but the most common are:

  • 90-ball bingo – 15 numbers on a 9×3 grid
  • 80-ball bingo – 16 numbers on a square grid
  • 75-ball bingo – 24 numbers on a 5×5 grid
  • 30-ball bingo – a rapid-fire version on a 3×3 grid

A caller picks out numbered balls and players cross out these numbers as they appear on their bingo card(s). In order to win the prize, you must be the first to cross out the required numbers. At the beginning of the game, this could be the first player to form a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal.) However, the final prize goes for a full house (when all the numbers have been deleted.)

How Does it Differ When You Play Bingo Online?

Although online bingo is the same game as the land-based version, it has a number of differences. Firstly, online bingo is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you’ll always be able to find a game.

Another major difference is that online players don’t struggle to delete numbers as they are called. In land-based casinos, it can be quite tricky to keep up especially if you’re new to the game and checking more than one card. The software system of online casinos automatically dab your card and detect a win, so you needn’t worry about missing out on the big prize.

Online casino bingo also gives participants the chance to interact with other players through a chat window. In some ways this mimics the socialisation of Bingo Halls, but with the additional advantage that the chatroom moderator often offers extra bonuses and prizes both before and during the online bingo game.

The Right Online Bingo Site & How to Play Bingo Online

There are over 350 websites in the UK and Ireland offering online bingo so choosing the right one can be bewildering. The most important factor is to check that it’s a reputable site which is licensed and regulated by a national Gambling Commission.

Some sites are free with relatively low prizes. Many online casino bingo websites offer a welcome bonus for new customers who sign up. This could be a no-deposit, deposit or cash match bonus. Registering requires you to choose a username, password and to enter details of your preferred payment method. Apart from the bonus deposited in your online account, this is an excellent way to enjoy a trial version completely free of charge. Trying a number of different sites in this way will help you choose the one you prefer.

The stakes of online bingo games vary. Cards for some games can be purchased for only a few pence while the more expensive ones can go up to £2. The higher the price of the card, the higher the cash prizes. There is also the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot or a special jackpot if the card is completed in a certain number of balls. This can go as high as £25,000. Sites also stipulate how many cards you can purchase for a single game. The minimum is usually one, but the maximum number can vary from 12-48.

Bingo Tips for Online Players

Players often have personal superstitions to boost their chances of winning. However, bingo is a game of chance. In online casino bingo, the numbers are picked by RNG (Random Number Generator) software, and there is no accurate way to predict which numbers are more likely to come up. Cards are also allocated to players randomly though many sites give you the option to exchange your card at the start of the game if you wish.

The best way to boost your chance of winning is to play with fewer players. Therefore, if you play at off-peak times such as weekdays or the early hours, you are competing against fewer players for the prizes.

Bingo is a relatively cheap game of chance which requires few skills while extra side games and bonuses add to player involvement and excitement.

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