Slots Vs Poker – Which Takes The Biscuit And Which Is Your Cup Of Tea?

In terms of online betting these games are poles apart in some respects which makes it interesting to compare their differences and the pros and cons of each type of game. Although poker leans more towards skill levels as opposed to luck they both offer a chance to try a range of exciting varieties of online casino games in the UK. So let’s take a look at them both to see how they measure up:

Poker Games Online

Online poker has become a favourite with many people who are seasoned players and also a whole host of new players who are keen to join in and learn the ropes. As with other casino games you need to be at least 18 years old to register and open an account and the games can be accessed very quickly once registered by downloading software. This means that you can then join in with games and tournaments and there are great offers for newbies with large cash amounts to be won.

To play online you will have to complete a few security measures and provide some extra details before you get going, and you will then have a choice of how to pay using credit cards or one of the new, innovative digital currencies such as E-Wallets which are now being used in online poker UK casinos.

Although the digital currencies take a little more effort to set up you will be rewarded with flexibility and more value for money and players can begin with as little as £10. For those who have never played the traditional card game the online version is based on the same principle but with exciting new variations so that players can choose a familiar game or go for newer options. The nature of the game is one of learning hand values, bluffing and other tricks that mirror the original game with one of the most popular being No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Therefore, although a certain degree of luck is involved poker games online do take a certain amount of skill and there are all kinds of free resources such as quick, online courses to help new players to master some of the tricks of the trade as well as Which Hand Wins Calculators so that gamers can get used to the different types of hand needed to win.

It goes without saying that the better you get at poker the more you will begin to enjoy it and will want to participate in some of the bigger games and tournaments as your skill and confidence levels grow.

Slot Games Online

For those wanting a more immediate adrenaline rush and lots of fun to boot, slots can provide a quicker way of betting and are often more suited to those who may be less patient and who don’t wish to wait for a hand or devote time to learning some of the skills necessary for effective poker playing.

It’s also feasible to get big wins on slots too – in a very favourable scenario it could even be possible for £10 to reap a bigger reward such as £500. But there really is no limit to how much you can walk away with, just take a look at these huge jackpot wins which we wrote about some time back.

As with other online casino games you will have to be 18 to register and there is a quick process to get started on playing games that also offer lots of promotions, big jackpots and bonuses with additional treats for loyal customers such as gifts, cash bonuses and even trips in some cases!

Another attraction with slots is that they are also very funny and colourful with all kinds of themes and imagery that is visually appealing.


The beauty of both types of online game – slots and poker – is that they can be played on your computer but are equally accessible on a tablet or mobile so that you can enjoy playing with most or all of the features you would get from your P.C. in many cases.

Do We Have A Winner?

So, in looking at online poker versus online slots the verdict is that there is no clear winner! Each game has merits and although some people have a natural inclination towards one type of game others enjoy both at different times, often spending a bit of time acquiring skills and tricks in poker playing and using slots for more frivolous moments and quick wins on other occasions!

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